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Poptop Caravan Canopy Lifter - Flat 1200mm 
These lifters are used to replace existing lifters, they are very sturdy and have a Maximum lift of 1000mm.
They are 
 1200mm wide

 Replacing lifters need to be done the correct way. Due to the heavy duty tension between body of Caravan and roof care needs to be taken.

​1. Lift Poptop open as per normal until springs are at full tension
2. Measure distance between body of Caravan and Poptop, cut 4 equal pieces of timber to support poptop.
3. Undo screws on one side spring
4. Using a piece of rope tie it to top of spring.
5. Squeeze top of spring down taking care it doesnt spring back, slowly removing the whole spring and tie the top of spring to the bottom. This will prevent it from spring out and causing an accident.
6. Replacing the new one should be done the opposit way.
7. Tie it before you cut the safety tape from the spring.
8. Slide spring into place, cut tape and slowly let the rope undo. The spring will slowly expand until it touches top.
9. Undo rope and slide spring into place, generally new screw holes are reccomended.

These are general instructions only, your own research is neccessary for correct installation. 


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It is important you check your old one with this replacement to make sure they are the same, check attached picture.


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